Are you 13 – 18 years old?

Join the Club for fun and engaging activities at our

South Side Clubhouse, 1 Louisa Street in Providence.

We are open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Bussing is available from our Wanskuck, Chad Brown, Manton Heights, Hartford Park and Fox Point Clubhouses starting at 5:30pm and returning at 8:30pm.



From Basketball tournaments to dancing to workouts! Every day we have different athletic activities happening in the gym. Our Gym Activities Specialists will coach you in various sports to improve your skills. No experience required! Swimming is also offered, all you need is a towel, swimwear and change of clothes!



Need extra support with your homework? We got you! Our Academic Specialist provide PowerHour of the night where they will support you through tutoring and mentoring. We also got S.T.E.A.M activities that will help you learn as you create: from new apps to clothing design to music making, to jewelry making and cooking! No skills necessary to join!


College & Career Readiness

It’s never too early or too late to get ready for success! Join our College and Career Center at Teen Nights where you can learn more about the college application process, how to improve your chances of getting a job and how to create a budget.


Leadership Development & Community Building

Do you like to help out others? Do you like sharing advice about how to make something better? We have Keystone in the house! Keystone is a leadership program where you’ll develop great problem solving, communication and public speaking skills. Skills that will come in handy at any time. We will also have a debate team and a community service component led by YOU!

Every day has a different theme and you can choose any activities to participate in. You just need to return a membership form with a parent signature to any one of our Clubhouses, or bring it with you when you come to Teen Nights! Call or stop by your local Clubhouse to find out more!

For more information, please contact Diana Araujo, Director of Teen Initiatives, at (401) 444-0758 or by email at daraujo@bgcprov.org.


Ready to Fly?

Five amazing Providence teens had the opportunity to attend the National Flight Academy for one week this August thanks to the generosity of Textron Charitable Foundation. What an experience! They graduated as Class 17-11! Excellent Job!

Didn’t think those math skills would come in handy… until they experienced a flight simulation where quick thinking and problem-solving skills helping them navigate through any challenge!

Youth Employment Program

Did you know that we are the largest summer teen employer in Providence?

If you are 14-18 years old and are interested in helping run our summer programs, you can apply to participate in our 6 week paid youth employment program. This unique opportunity not only provides youth with valuable job experience, it also strengthens participants’ reading skills, teaches financial literacy, and introduces members to a variety of careers and trade professions.

  •  Gain important, foundational job skills: leadership, teamwork, academic skills
  •  Classes in financial management and opportunity for certifications in Serv-Safe Food Safety, CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding



Youth of the Year

Congratulations to our 2018 Boys & Girls of Providence Youth of the year Latifat Odetunde. She attends Classical High School, where she ranked 43 in her class, is consistently on the honor roll), and is enrolled in numerous Advanced Placement courses. Latifat is also a Student Government Senator serving as Administration and Student Liaison and is the recipient of the Nellie M. Gorbea Secretary of State Civic Leadership Award.

Latifat has also been a member of the BGCP Workforce Development Programs and is a member of Youth in Action, the Providence Youth Caucus, the Youth Organization Institute, and interned with the State of Rhode Island. She was also a member of her school Volleyball and Track and Field Teams.

Latifat feels that capabilities of youth are undermined due to their age as a whole as they are constantly told that they are not intelligent enough to comprehend topics of politics or race. She shares that these preconceived notions have caused youth to remain complacent and silent to the point that many are not aware of their voice and its impact. The organizational work she does focuses on empowering youth to become the leaders they want to be and fight for what they want. Redirecting voice to youth is very important because it allows for great preparation for the real world.

“In my first year participating in Workforce Development training, I took a career test and thought of the path I wanted to take on in life. The Club thought about my future before I had, and this notion made me think ahead and plan accordingly. I learned what it meant to be a leader, and that made me envision myself as such to become one in the future. I created my first resume and helped in my process for applying to colleges.”

Our Education Director remarked that Latifat is aware of the institutional and structural racism she faces as a Black, Muslim, young woman and joins organizations that help deconstruct these systems.  She possess vibrant and outgoing characteristics that balance with her determined, steadfast characteristics.