Great Futures Start Here

From Hollywood stars Denzel Washington and Jennifer Lopez to sports legends Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal and annual Youth of the Year winners, Boys & Girls Club alumni across the world know that great futures started within our Clubs’ walls.

Here in Rhode Island, we are fortunate to have over 50,000 alumni living across our state – many of whom credit the Boys & Girls Clubs with helping them become the successful adults they are today.

Just how important was the Club to our alumni? Incredibly important! A recent independent survey of alumni verified that membership to a Boys & Girls Clubs widely benefits young people through our educational programs that foster self-confidence, a sense of belonging, and hope for the future. In fact, over 80% of alumni credit the Club with teaching them right from wrong, increasing self-confidence and learning strong leadership skills.

There’s no question that membership to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Providence provides youth with the guidance they need to achieve educational success and explore career opportunities that help them become caring and responsible members of their community.

To get involved as an alumnus of the Boys & Girls Club of Providence, please email Marie Drury at [email protected]. We’d love to hear how the Boys & Girls Clubs made a difference in your life.

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