Austin Pine
AfterZone Site Coordinator

(401) 602-0149
[email protected]


The Roger Williams Middle School Clubhouse offers in-person after school programming, Monday-Thursday, to RWMS students. Participants have access to enriching programs led by experienced community partners such as creative engineering, Latin dance, basketball, graphic design held in a makerspace at South Providence Library, marine biology at Save the Bay, arts & crafts, and more. Our Spring Session will start April 25 and many of the same activities will be offered, with the addition of a program that gives students the opportunity to work on the backstage production of The Little Mermaid musical featuring RWMS students. A snack is served daily before programming starts and free transportation home is offered to participants

Clubhouse Closings:

  • May 28-31: Memorial Day
  • July 2-5: Independence Day
  • August 6-9: Victory Day
  • August 26-27: End of Summer Break
  • September 6: Labor Day
  • October 11: Holiday
  • November 11: Veteran’s Day
  • November 25-26: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • December 24-31: Winter Holiday
  • January 1, 2022: New Year’s Day


About Our Clubhouse

Roger Williams Middle School has been a chartered Boys & Girls Club since 2012. It serves approximately 300 youth every year through the AfterZone, an after-school program offered in partnership with the Providence After School Alliance. The AfterZone gives Providence middle school students year-round access to a wide variety of hands-on learning and enrichment opportunities–provided by more than 70 community-based organizations–at no cost to students or their families. Courses range from visual and performance art, to sports, to skills-building and science-based programs. When you sign up for the AfterZone, you’ll receive a hot meal, high-quality programs, and transportation to your home neighborhood. Come join the fun!