At nearly 100-years-old, the Wanskuck Clubhouse is both the oldest and largest of our eight sites across Providence. It supports kids from seven neighborhood schools and offers open-door membership to hundreds of area teens. It also – in large part due to the building’s age – is underutilized and in need of updates.

That is why we’ve embarked on an ambitious $10.5 million capital campaign to renovate, modernize, and expand our flagship Clubhouse. With your support, we will create a new workforce development innovation center, a state-of-the-art teen center, new recreational space, and a vibrant early education and childcare center for our youngest members.

To date, and as we go public with our campaign, we have raised $6.4 million in support of our transformative vision for Wanskuck and we invite you to join us by investing in a forever change. Together, we can inspire and propel children and teens toward a brighter future… for all of us!

Capital Campaign Header - Logo

Campaign Steering Committee Members

 Lisa Bisaccia and Robert P. Naparstek, M.D., Co-chairs

Ting Barnard

Robert P. Brooks, Esq.

Mary K. Daly

Eric Estes

Willa Kammerer

Mehdi Khosrovani

Jennifer Leigh Kinder

Stephen W. Lang

Peggy and Eugene McQuade

Armand E. Sabitoni

Stephen A. Stockman

Anne and Michael Szostak

Kevin P. Tracy

Joe Wilson Jr.